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Paint for a Cause is an original idea Aaron thought of one day while sitting out in the woods, wondering why everyone isn’t an artist. He thought if people had a reason to paint that they would. So the concept of Paint for a Cause was developed. Since the first Paint for a Cause began in April 2015, we have completed eight paintings.  Approximately 7,000 people have participated in creating these eight Paint for a Cause paintings.


While we were getting ready for the last Paint for a Cause project, Aaron saw an article in the local paper about Missouri’s Bicentennial. He asked Barb, “Why can’t we do a big Paint for a Cause for Missouri’s 200th Birthday?” After discussing the prospect of taking on such a large, historic endeavor, they talked with Micheal Sweeney, Bicentennial Coordinator.  Michael was very enthusiastic about the project and said it was just the kind of project he hoped to find. Missouri Bicentennial Paint For A Cause is endorsed by Missouri 2021.

Barb Bailey

Barb Bailey grew up on a farm in Cape Girardeau County. Art was always her favorite class during her school years and she has taken a couple art classes in the past.


Barb and her husband, Tony, live in Bollinger County and have three grown children. They also raise diary goats. With plenty of goat milk to use, Barb enjoys making goat milk soaps, which she sells at Painted Wren Art Gallery and at farmers markets and craft shows throughout the year.


Barb is a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands in the Studio Artist category, collaborating with Aaron Horrell. Together they both write and illustrate children’s books. Barb is also the manager of Aaron’s Painted Wren Art Gallery.


In her free time, Barb likes to knit, paint, take nature photos, read, and spend time outdoors.


Aaron Horrell is a self-taught artist who grew up on a Bollinger County farm. He and his wife, Paula, have four grown children and three grandchildren.


There were 15 students in Aaron’s high school graduating class. He joined the U.S. Navy SeaBees in 1971 during he Vietnam War era, but did not see time in Vietnam. While in the military, Aaron painted a lot of paintings, including four large murals on the chow hall walls at Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean.


Aaron loves gardening, fishing, painting, and taking nature photos. He has been juried into Best of Missouri Hands in three separate categories….painting, photography, and studio artist working with another artist (Barb Bailey).


Aaron is the owner of Painted Wren Art Gallery, 620 Whitelaw Avenue, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He writes a weekly column called “Through the Woods” in the Southeast Missourian newspaper and and other called “Whispers from Nature” in the Banner Press.

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Painted Wren Art Gallery

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